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Spinning Yarn|IciclesThe best athletes train and practice, intensely, before an event...I am not an athlete, but I do realized the sense in training for an unusual circumstance. When doing something out of the ordinary, like spinning yarn in Antarctica, it can be very beneficial to consult with the people who have already “been there, done that”, to pick up important points and suggestions to add to your own success.
Research -- that is the key! Who would I ask about spinning yarn in polar regions?

So, how do you practice spinning yarn in Antarctica and its summer temperatures of -18°C? Where is just as cold? Will my childhood winters in Canada prove to be valuable experience, or will they be too far away in time to be helpful? How long can I sit spinning yarn in the low temperatures? Only one way to find out! Start at the least extreme end of cold, and visit Mt Hotham, in Victoria. Pack the wheel, some fleece, some equipment and some winter clothes…in layers.....

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Look at this Closing in! Should be a good test of my stamina – and my commonsense!

When I was a small child of 4 years, we lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on the edge of the prairies. The wind used to roar down from the Arctic and across from the Rockies and meet in the middle at – you guessed it – Winnipeg. The wind chill could be as much as -50°C and I was never allowed outside to play in the winter.

My “snow experience” came when, as a child of 8yrs (in London, Ontario) we were snowed in to the second story and had to slide down from the attic to the road so that we could dig our way in to the front door!

Other practice for spinning yarn will be needed … colder….how about a freezer?, and there is the Chill On ice bar, in the city…..hmmm

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