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Tamar Valley Connection

Spinning Yarn|Tamar Valley SpinGlenda Burrows and the
Tamar Valley Spinners 
were quite taken with the adventure and excitement of me traveling South for spinning yarn, and though they could not accompany me on the voyage, the next best thing was to accompany me in Spirit and in Tops….

Tops being the already washed, combed and carded fibre, free from any contamination factors and suitable for spinning yarn in Antarctica.

Combining a large handful or each person, we employed a drum carder to thoroughly mix and churn the assortment into some kind of order. Knowing that luggage space was at a premium, the aim was to create a batt small enough to be carried yet representative of all the good wishes, hopes and dreams of the contributing spinners.

The resultant batt was christened “Antarctic Sunrise” and it came with me to the Southern Ocean where it duly appeared on deck for me to begin spinning yarn, at the appropriate time. (ie: with icebergs in view!)

I think the colours are pretty realistic, don’t you?

Spinning Yarn|Antarctic Sunrise
Thank you to all the Tamar Valley contributors:
Glenda Burrows, Blanche Bejah, Lynne Heathcote,
rbara Hogben, Di Kearney, Judy Dalton, Eileen Harris,
Sue Jansen, Isabella Burnes, Angela Fox, Prue Wright, Ruth Johansen, Dean Rivett.

 Spinning Yarn|Antarctic Sunrise Yarn

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