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Spinning Yaaarn| InnovationA Spinning wheel in the corner has been a symbol of earlier times for the past 100 years. It comes from a time when the pace of life was slower, when things were done with thought and with care both for the person and the end result. That is why people are so receptive and fascinated by a spinning wheel –it’s romance!

Although spinning wheels date back to medieval days, the ones found today are rarely more than 200 years old. There is evidence that spinning wheels had already come into use in both China and the Islamic world during the eleventh century. Amongst his many scientific drawings of machines, Leonardo Da Vinci has a design for a spinning wheel.

Numerous types of “a spinning wheel”, including the Great Wheel also known as walking wheel, for rapid long draw spinning of woollen-spun yarns; the Flax Wheel, which is a double-drive wheel used with a distaff for spinning linen; Saxony and Castle Wheels, all-purpose treadle driven wheels used to spin worsted-spun yarns; and the Charkha, native to Asia. When most people think of a spinning wheel, the Saxony style is the most familiar.

There are many brands of spinning wheels on the market today: Ashford, Baynes, Kromski, Louet, Lendrum, Schacht and here in the Australasian region also Majacraft, Ettrick, Ertoel (electric), and, secondhand only, Sheridan, for your spinning pleasure. It is not impossible to find a Druva or a George H Young wheel (manufactured in Mornington Victoria).

Before the Industrial Age, almost every house had a spinning wheel. Consequently, there are many configurations. Even today, spinning-wheel makers are trying to build a better spinning wheel for the many hobby handspinners all over the world.

Spinning Yarn|SepiaMost consumers are looking for a spinning wheel that not only works well, but is a keepsake. Old world craftsmanship, innovative design, and the beauty of fine art, come together to create heirloom quality spinning wheels. The manufacture of a modern spinning wheel is currently an interesting combination of traditional design, modern materials and streamlined manufacturing.



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