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The Replica Balaclava

Spinning Yarn|Public knitWell, the Practice was valuable to assess the stitches, the knitting time and the quantity of yarn. How effective was the pattern?

Taking a bit of “Poetic Licence”, the pattern was adjusted for BEST FIT and the knitting began again, at a fairly quick pace.

Spinning Yarn is always the first step in making a garment of any kind. The creative freedom of spinning yarn allows the spinner to form the exact yarn needed for any project – fat yarn, skinny yarn, lumpy, bubbly, multi-coloured, multi stranded, even combined fibre yarn…The spinner is limited only by imagination. Marion's imagination was being tested in a ‘design’ way.

The media have been covering the story; Marion has been Guest Speaking at Guilds, clubs and libraries, and now it was time to show the general public, by taking the balaclava to the marketplace! The knitting was completed at Boronia Mall in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.

Marion and Sir Douglas have a similar taste in fashion!

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