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To all who have shared their dream Spinning Yarn|Joanne Venice destinations – it has been a fascinating journey. We are all so different with our impressions, ideas and our experiences, and this is one more way to share our lives.
Marion’s Spinning Yarn adventure to Antarctica in December 2010 was the first and practical part of the Balaclava project. Wider traveling continues, with clubs and libraries and interstate Guilds asking for presentations. Marion continues to raise funds for the Mawson’s Huts Foundation. (You can click here to donate)

(PS the Expedition team from Orion did look for an ice floe for her to sit and be spinning yarn, but a safe and suitable one was not found)

The Competition is closed

The Overall winner was Joanne Bailey of Rowville, Victoria with her entry “Venice” (above). She received her grand prize --a hand knitted and crochet hat and scarf set, formed from the ANTARCTIC SUNRISEyarn, from the wool top given by the Tamar Valley Spinners, and spun on the ship on the way down to Antarctica... It fit her percectly!

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