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Spinning Yarn|Chris RASVAn idea that embodies identity, that inspires and gives hope, that captures the imagination and allows people to catch the vision – this is what good news is!

Some people feel that the story of Marion going to Antarctica on a mission to honour her Dad, and spin for Australian Antarctic History, Sir Douglas Mawson and the upkeep of Huts at Cape Denison is an inspiring story. So she began sharing it with the media…

Some of the newspapers have caught the vision and have spread the ‘yarn’ throughout their readership, some on the very front page! There have been radio stations who have interviewed and aired the ‘yarn’ to their listeners, keeping track of the progress by doing several sessions.

Out and about at Markets, and demonstrations, people have approached her for more detailed information and to make donations to the Mawson’s Huts Foundation. Each time she is a Guest Speaker, the word is spread further and wider.

This is a good thing.

Spinning Yarn|Headlines For each newsprint and magazine article, for each radio interview, for each live event at which she appears, that takes the message further out to the population, the ones who understand how important it is to have a basis for personal and National growth.

Supporting history and preserving the past reminds us of slower and happier times, when people cared about people and there was a strength of character, of determination and of courage that is almost foreign today in our world of instant answers and easy access to all amenities. Going back to the past is comforting because we know that we have already come through it to the other side….

You can catch up in these next few pages……..

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