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Spinning Yarn:
The "Magnetic" South!

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Antarctica at home….

Everyone has it!

As a matter of Fact, we make SURE that it is the one place in our homes where all people gather to read the news and schedules for the day and the week…

Yes, indeed! So the COLD HARD FACTS of family organization are listed and centered in the Westinghouse Antarctic, or the Fischer and Paykel Antarctic, or the Electrolux Antarctic, or the Whirlpool Antarctic…

While children’s drawings, calendars and appointments, dinner menus and bills all take their places on the hard white exterior of the Ice box, they are held there in place, in suspension by the humble FRIDGE MAGNET.

 Spinning Yarn|Magnet collectFunctional and in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, Fridge magnets are very collectable.
 And this one, while being no exception – is actually Exceptionelle! 

• a unique souvenir of modern Australian Antarctic History,
• photographic evidence of inter-species communication, (though not interspecies ability – the penguin was too short to reach the pedals)
• proof positive of the durability of Majacraft Spinning Wheels
• Spinning is an international craft, it will take you anywhere….Spinning Yarn|Extreme magnet
• a support for the Mawson’s Huts Foundation – since 50% of each sale is directed to the Foundatiion for the upkeep of the Site.

Extreme spinning
done at the extreme ends of the Earth,
in extreme climate –EXTREMELY GOOD VALUE only $4.00 each (plus $1.20 postage)
(The magnet is a bit bigger than Business card size) 

You will have to be extremely quick:

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to contribute to Australin Antarctic History


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