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Spinning Yarn|Hut ErectingBack at Cape Denison, the pre-fabricated huts were being assembled. It was ncessary to blast the  bedrock using dynamite 
(which had to be warmed up in a jacket pocket!).
50 tonnes of rock was then placed around the foundations for extra security.

It was decided to join together the smaller work room and the larger living area, to make a more workable and more secure space. The stove would be in the living room, with its dual purpose of cooking and heating. The skylights and the acetylene plant would give the light. The Workshop held the radio equipment, motor generator and a lathe, and benches for other flat work.

The night they all moved in was the first night of a blizzard that lasted for the whole month of February! That did not stop the other tasks of erecting the radio masts, the Magnetograph hut and the Absolute Magnetic hut, a tide gauge, and an anemometer for measuring wind speed. (Winds of 200 miles per hour would certainly make the anemometer SPIN, eh?)

Planning on setting Depots of supplies for the sledging teams, Mawson began the task of choosing the best spots for these, while a multitude of other scientific tasks and experiments were being done. There were “Household chores” as well. Snowed in sometimes to Spinning Yarn|Hut suppliesthe roofline, a permanent ice tunnel was dug, allowing access to the outside, and practice for preparing the ice caves to store supplies, and people, to wait out the fierce storms of winter.

As the Sun peeked over the horizon, winter began to recede. Come the penguins (in October), come the Summer! The 18 expeditioners were ready to tackle the sledging and the exploration.


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