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A warm, sunny day, a spinning wheel and a few handsfull of fleece… fresh air, gentle breeze, great company -what could be more enjoyable than sitting in the sun and spinning yarn for your next garment? I will tell you!

The cold, dark depths of and icy and rainy night retreat before you as you sit in front of a blazing fireplace, warm and cozy, spinning yarn for your next garment…

The pioneer craft of spinning yarn is not meant for winter only! Back in the days when spinning yarn formed part of the daily routine, there was no choice but to be spinning yarn if you wanted to have the garments ready to wear in time for the next season.

Today, you have a choice, and that choice forms the basis of our desire to emulate our pioneers. We craft as they did, knitting, crochet, tatting, lacemaking, quilting, preserving jams and pickles etc, but for pleasure, not necessity.

Spinning yarn is creative, practical and most enjoyable. Spinning yarn is relaxing, yet stimulating; repetitive, yet hypnotic; strange, yet oddly familiar. It reminds us of when times were slower and unhurried, when people had time to care for each other.

Spinning Yarn|Peter DicksonRelaxing while spinning yarn is effective, non-retail therapy, which keeps money in the bank. The materials are sustainable since the animals re-grow their covering plus it is Earth friendly, needing no other power than legs and feet.

So – Are you feeling historical? Cultural? Pioneery? Want to try your hand at a practical and exciting new hobby? Do you want to save your own resources and those of planet Earth? Do you want to unleash your creative side? Make some new clothes or a fashion statement? Or maybe you would like to be warm this winter? Perhaps you feel the need for therapy without the shopping?

Join the thousands of people worldwide, both men and women, who love to exercise their creativity in an environment of fibre, fashion design and friendly interaction. Join the hundreds of people eager to become students of this pioneer craft. Join the classes on offer at Fancy Spinning a Yarn. Click here for a class near you.


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