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For the Hat of the Century

Spinning Yarn|100dollarsLooking out from the $100 note, Sir Douglas Mawson seems stern. It cannot be because his ears are cold - look at that Balaclava!

As one who enjoys spinning yarn, and knitting, Marion searches for new patterns to test her skills. There are all sorts of patterns for all kinds of garments, as simple or as complicated as you like. It could be a new way of shaping – Raglan sleeves as opposed to Inset or Drop sleeves – or it could be a new combination of stitches that make a design in colour as opposed to designs in relief or in 3D. Perhaps a cable or two will liven the design, or maybe a bit of lace or embellishment to compliment the overall garment colour or style. But, you know, sometimes there is just no beating the classics! Spinning Yarn|Sir Douglas


And this balaclava is definitely classic! …and famous!




Spinning Yarn|SachaThis is the Balaclava as it is today, being modelled by Sasha Paquita Wray (Sir Douglas Mawson’s Great Granddaughter )and all thanks to the family, who sent this coloured picture.  Marion was able to choose the correct colours for the basic yarn, and deduce the correct pattern of stitches in the correct combination. All this had to be thought through before the spinning yarn could begin.
This is what Marion was aiming for:

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