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Spinning Yarn|OrionAn Antarctica Expedition cruise will allow you to see one of the last frontier regions on earth. This unique adventure will take you beyond the limits of the Polar Circle and to remote locations into a world that few people have ever seen.

An eternal magnet for explorers and researchers alike, Antarctica’s environmental and physical challenges have never been enough to stop expedition after expedition from attempting polar crossings, and it certainly hasn’t stopped scientists queuing up to spend a year or more at a remote research station.

It is a privilege to visit the awe-inspiring land and experience the special magic that has lured explorers, adventurers and scientists for more than two centuries. Antarctic travel is made easier with ice-strengthened ships, and the cruises on sturdy zodiac landing craft (inflatable boats) will get you close enough for those antarctic photos, seeing antarctic lakes and capturing Pictures of Antarctica on the adventure holiday expedition cruise that you will remember for a lifetime.

Those who are wont to be in the thick of adventure will benefit immensely from an Antarctica Expedition Cruise, such as Orion,where sometimes the distance between survival and death lies thinner than the icicles in the region.

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