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A Head in Antarctica

Spinning Yarn|Model headLooking out from the white practice garment and then the blue replica, the printed black and white photo of Sir Douglas Mawson’s face distracted me each time I passed my living room. We could see each other from the shelf on the bookcase…..
How to display the balaclava for best sale? Tracey Enright, massage therapist and fellow spinner, suggested a felted head to show off, in very classy way, not only the garment, but also that set of crafting skills.
Long time fellow crafter and (sometimes) spinner Carolyn Spinning Yarn|Carolyns HeadRogers from Ripples on the Pond is a felting expert and Textile designer who is very interested in history and in a challenge. She embraced the idea of creating a head for the balaclava and in an afternoon of learning and experimenting, a model 'Sir Douglas' was formed!
The beard and moustache are felted in to the main model, but the lovely blue eyes, which are purposely and effectively made to look tired and stressed, were done separately. they  really do add that extra presence.
So in visiting Carolyn, her spinning yarn skills improve as much as my felting fibre skills improve!

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