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New Edition DVD

WARNING: This may give you chills!

To be filmed – Live - in March 2012

Few people would choose Antarctica as a holiday Destination. Even Fewer people would take a spinning wheel to the Frozen South and spin on the ICE.
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Why did she do it?!

Was it to get her spinning technique down ‘cold’?
Was it to practice her teaching skills on penguins?
Was it to make sure the seals had a cool breeze?

Now, in the comfort of your own well-heated home, you can hear the full story of how and why Marion Wheatland chose to honour Sir Douglas Mawson and the Australian Antarctic Expedition of 1911. Australian Antarctic History and the Geography of this extreme region come alive in this hour long presentation. Take the trip and explore the South!

• “Marion's excellent presentation makes you feel like you are on her trip of adventure and discovery! I began to appreciate the value of restoring an old hut in a place few of us would ever visit. No dry history recitals from Marion, but a tale of the endeavours and fortitude of those early explorers.” – Helen VG

• “Thank you Marion for your wonderful talk on the Antarctic and also your spinning adventures. Our members were most interested even some of our bowlers who usually disappear for practice stayed to hear your story”. – Heather W, Greensborough Probus

• "Marion, - Your talk to our day club last Friday was extremely interesting, entertaining and informative. You speak well, and your emotion shows through. I have had much positive Feedback from my members and they are hard to please. You are obviously passionate about your subject and it shows. Once again, thank you for an excellent presentation. --Tony Smith, Clocktower Day Club

Order and pay before 28th February, and receive
a bonus DVD: 4 minutes of coverage of the actual Antarctic Spin, filmed on location by the Mawson’s
Huts Foundation.

Send a Cheque to: Fancy Spinning a Yarn? 
13 Vivienne Av, Boronia 3155.
include your return address, and for delivery

Direct Deposit to: Bendigo Bank 633000 Acct 127905024 and email your address to marion@spinningayarn.com.au

The Pre Order Price for the Presentation and Bonus DVD is $25 including postage.
After Release, the regular price will be $25 for the Presentation DVD only, and $12 for the Spin DVD,
 plus postage.

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