Spinning Yarn: Regional Introduction

July 12th, 2010 by Marion

In Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, there is a Showgrounds where we used to go to have our sense of “countryside” renewed. The 4H clubs always had their competitions and animal husbandry classes there annually. I always headed for the animals, and the sheep – Andrew, my younger brother, is the one who ran to the scary rides and threw up.

 In Grade 9, my geography teacher, Mr. Jewers, showed us Australia and New Zealand, introduced us to their industries, topography and regional importance. Though I know now that his pronunciation of some of the names was woefully incorrect, I decided I liked the sound of that part of the world, little knowing that I would one day actually be here!

 My Dad, true to his philosophy, dared to change not only country, but hemisphere, and we arrived in Melbourne in September of 1971 to an array of sheep faces, watching us travel on the train all the way from Sydney to Melbourne. Australian industry is sheep and wool, I learned in geography. Here I was in the thick of it!

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