Spinning Yarn: The Blue Coat #11

July 2nd, 2010 by Marion

I was four years old or so when we lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Dad was in the army and he was posted from place to place over his career, and this was one of them.

 Winnipeg is smack in the middle of the Prairie, at the convergence of the cold North wind from the Arctic and the wind that travels east across the flat from the Rockies, resulting in double cold and treacherous weather. Sound like fun, eh? You have to rug up, on the Prairies…

 From the famous Hudson’s Bay Company, Mom bought a Kuletuk – an Eskimo (as it was then) Parka. Electric Blue, with Arctic Fox around the hood. She said wearing it felt like she was carrying the world with her, but it served its purpose and kept her warm.

 I loved that coat.

 The day Mom decided she did not want it anymore, I took it, keeping it in my cedar chest of treasures for years and years, waiting to grow into it. It came with us on every one of Dad’s postings. Did it fit yet? It came with us when Dad left the Army and became a teacher. Does it fit now? It came with us to Australia. What about now?

 Marion, you do not still have that coat, do you?  Yes, Mom, I do! 

 Then, one day, it FIT!  Wearing it,  I looked like a tiny person in a huge blue bubble! It smelled of snow, and cold, and warm memories of my Mom.  I took the Kuletuk up to Mt Buller where I found it to be too warm  and too bulky to wear while skiing. Last year, I wore it to the Christmas in July party, complete with snowshoes. And this year, Orion Expedition Cruises have graciously granted me a wish –This year, I wear it in Antarctica.

From the frozen North to the frozen South. If only I could show my Mom!

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2 Responses to “Spinning Yarn: The Blue Coat #11”

  1. What a lovely story Marion. I am sure your Mum will know you are wearing it. What a wonderful way to bring treasured memories to a new adventure! This will be a very special time for you Marion; the more I read of your story, the greater the importance of your adventure is made clear to me.

  2. Antarctica says:

    I feel a great sense od Destiny about this trip, Barbara. I can’t explain it, I just know I want to do this, must do this. And it is al coming together so smoothly.
    Lots more to tell you…..

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