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Spinning Yarn: Tauranga Spinners #109

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

 My flight to Tauranga came in the middle of myChristchurchvisit. I wanted to see the North and to visit the Majacraft Spinning Wheel company, present to them a report of my trip and to meet the local spinners who would be interested to hear about my Spinning inAntarctica. Majacraft supplied the Little Gem (whom I have named “Mawson”; all my 38 spinning wheels have names) for me to take toCapeDenisonand report on the effects of extreme temperatures on the workings of the mechanisms – polymer driveband, bearings and oiling, the cold on all the moving parts, its portability and its hypnotic quality.

 Hypnotic quality? Why, yes – just ask the Adelie penguin who chatted with me for about 15 minutes!

 The Spinners loved the presentation, and made a donation to the Mawson’s Huts Foundation as a thank you, and for their part in its restoration. The Tauranga group are numerous, about 25 ladies there on the day I visited, and very active and supportive of the local Spinning Wheel company. I was made to feel very welcome. Thank you, Ladies.



Spinning Yarn: Street Theatre # 107

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

 Christchurchis a lovely city, all older buildings and culture. Very Green with lots of parks and not so spread out – a change from  myMelbournehome. It is also a very untidy city, having on-going scaffolding on a lot of the buildings to stabilize them while they are being assessed for earthquake damage. Watch where you step.

 Recovering slowly, the people are looking for reassurance. They are determined to be cheerful in the face of all the damage, a constant reminder of tragedy and loss.

 The Buskers Festival was the week following my visit, and I had a small taste of what was on offer when I stopped to watch “Hefty Jeff ” in his street theatre presentation. Sometimes quietly amusing, but more often laugh out loud funny, he kept the fire juggling and sword swallowing and broken glass walking up to the audience who were avidly listening to him speak – lest they miss out on one of his jokes. There were many.