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Spinning Yarn: Pictures from the Competition: #41

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010


There are a lot of really gorgeous places on this Earth and there are people who find such places and take photos for all to see. I do not suppose that all of us can go to all of these places, so I am very glad to see them through the eyes of others. Congratulations to our winner from August – Joanne –Your prize is on its way.

Spinning Yarn: Pictures from the Competition #40

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Say, "AAAH"!

The photo competition has attracted a few entries.

Here as  promised, the winning entry  for July 2010,

Sent in by Lyn Blom. Lyn receives her month prize, as well as a PostCard mailed to her from Antarctica…..

Spinning Yarn: On Radio #39

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

 Going to Antarctica captures the imagination of people I speak to about it. They cannot believe that anyone would go to the coldest place on the planet On PURPOSE, for a HOLIDAY. Well, You will be able to hear it all straight from me on Friday 26th November on ACE radio, Station 2AY between 12noon and 1pm. Sandra interviews me and I tell whoever is listening all about my trip, and a bit of background about the whole idea.

You may have read in an earlier post about Sir Douglas’s Balaclava, and that is what I will ultimately produce. On the ice, however, I will concentrate on spinning yarn, in the correct colours to replicate it. The holiday part is for me, the yarn I produce will be for the balaclava, and the balaclava will be auctioned for the Huts.

My part in History!

Spinning Yarn: Lining up the next practice #38

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Now that it is becoming more like summer, warm and inviting, where can I go to be cool? Where can I have more cold to practice in? There is a place in the city called the Chill Out Bar where everything is made of ice and the temperature is minus 10 degrees. Sounds divine for spinning yarn…

 It is far too early to pack all my Antarctic gear, so I still have the clothes available for such a gig. This will be interesting and fun, but also chilly –Yay!

 Look out for the Blue Coat and the Spinning wheel….

Spinning Yarn: Speaking to Macca #37

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

 Braving the wild and windy weather, I traveled to Ballarat this weekend to be part of Australia All Over  —  the Radio Show with Ian McNamara. Broadcast on Sunday mornings on ABC. It is only occasionally that Macca does a live show, which is why I went. Everyone needs to know about my trip to Antarctica….

 It was quite amusing to see so many brave souls there on the shores of Lake Wendouree, all rugged up in their Drizabones and rubber boots. There was one man in his wetsuit! I decided not to wear my (trademark) Blue coat because of the rain, which, in hindsight was not the right decision, since Macca picked out people who would catch his eye. And the blue coat would definitely have caught his eye! As would the spinning wheel I left in the car (also for reasons of weather).

 I did have a brief chance to speak with him, during the last few minutes of the show, so if you were listening at 945am on Sunday 31st Oct, 1you would have heard my 3 sentences, telling all there present about my trip.  This was one Spinning Yarn that had to be told!

Spinning Yarn: Awards Night #36

Friday, November 5th, 2010

MCEI is a business group that encourages all kinds of businesses to be better than they can be. Part of the encouragement is to present awards and it was this last Tuesday night that I witnessed this very thing.

Beginning with a vibrant display of Japanese drumming, the awards continued to lift and edify each member attending. Many entrants made for fierce competition, and the judges had a difficult time selecting winners, who  were very pleased with their success. The awards can be used in their advertising and marketing, so is a great boost for an already established business.

 I was  there with my spinning wheel and display, enjoying each minute.

 Check out the Awards here:

Spinning Yarn: Overseas in Tasmania #35

Friday, November 5th, 2010

 The Tamar Valley Spinners are a vibrant and social group having their 2nd birthday on 23 October. I was invited to go over as guest speaker because they want to hear about Antarctica. And spinning yarn in Victoria

 Using this as another practice run, I thought I would take the car on the ferry and check out my sea legs – which are fine, by the way. It is only an hour from the ferry in Devonport to the Tamar valley and it was a very pleasant drive. Glenda met me at her house, and became the ambassador for the area, taking me  to visit various places in the countryside, and letting me absorb the Tasmanian atmosphere. It is a very pretty spot – a great place for Spinning yarn….

 I met some very talented people, bought some more fibre (now that’s a surprise!) and collected some Wallaby fur to spin. (so now I can spin Tales and Tails) Channel 7 Launceston (Southern Cross News) came to the event and filmed for the 6pm news .

Spinning Yarn Best Presented #34

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

The Wandin-Silvan Field Days were a very chilly celebration of things farming. Housed in the General Interest Pavilion, Barbara (from Warburton) and I set up our wool and spinning yarn displays, making them colourful and functional as well ass interesting. We love talking to people about our passion for wool and for spinning yarn, and of course I have my additional passion for Antarctica. 

Everyone knew about Antarctica by the end of the Festival. It was cold enough sitting there spinning yarn for me to wear my famous blue coat (see post #10) When it began to hail, I went outside and danced in it. – the hail that landed on me and stuck to my parka – Well, I ATE it.

 At the end of the day, Barbara and I were both given the honour of being judged the “Best Presented Stall”. ..And we did not even know there was a contest!

Spinning Yarn: Small Penguins #33

Monday, November 1st, 2010

This week I was down at Philip Island, invited by the Philip Island Spinners, not only to come and be spinning yarn, but also to give a presentation on Antarctica while there. The spinners who came learned something new about the frozen south, and I really enjoyed my time spinning and meeting new people.

And I also visited the Penguin Parade, speaking to Lyn, who has entered a photo in the Competition on the website. We chatted about the trip and about the Centre, penguins being the topic that links the two places. She showed me the results of the Penguin Sweater pattern all colourfully arranged and modeled by the toy penguins on display.

 There are now only 69 days before my flight to New Zealand.