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Spinning Yarn: Announcing to Melbourne #32

Friday, October 29th, 2010

 Following the newspaper picture and small story in the Age, about my Spinning Yarn in the freezer, ABC radio Melbourne called me for a live interview, the same morning. It was quite exciting being able to tell the story live on air, knowing that a lot of people listen to the radio at 7am (just after the news) and take in what is said. Judging by the response received by me at the Blacksmithing Festival at Mont DeLancey last weekend, lots of people not only heard the interview, but also read the paper, and I was able to tell many more people about my Spinning Yarn in the freezer.

 I am enjoying the new skills I have with the website, and I am also enjoying the interaction with the interested people who are participating. There is always room for more….

Spinning Yarn: Glove Discovery #31

Monday, October 18th, 2010

 After two hours of concentrating on spinning yarn, I managed to fill 2 bobbins, which is a great result. The yarn is chunky of course, because of the gloves, but the best part is that now I have worked out what I need to do about my hands.

 The Left hand, the hand I use for holding the reservoir of fibre, has a ski glove on it with a plasticy and solid palm. I listen for the fibres as they pass over the hard surface. The right hand, has a fingerless glove on it, with the mitten flap over the fingers – I concentrate on feeling the fibres through the material of the glove, and pull out the correct amount to match the rest of the bobbin. Voila! I do not have to have any skin exposed This is a good thing….

 Spinning Yarn in the freezer was a great experience, and the newspaper thought so too, sending a reporter and a photographer to cover the event. Look up the Melbourne Age for Tuesday October 5 and turn to page seven….

Spinning Yarn: in the Freezer #30

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

 Minus 18 degrees is not as cold as one might expect. With no wind, except when you open the door and the fans have to catch up on the rising temperature, the chill is steady and retains a certain level. It is all sustainable, if you are wearing the correct clothing.

 When I arrived at the freezer I saw this solid box trailer, looking very small and claustrophobic from the outside. On the inside, the shelving had been removed and there was a big empty space for me and my wheel to sit, so I did not feel tightly enclosed after all

 I am really glad I was not there by myself, though. It was a great comfort to have my son Richard outside checking on me every so often. I was concentrating so hard on my spinning yarn that I would jump out of my skin each time he opened the door!

Spinning Yarn: Closer and Closer #29

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Today it is 91 days exactly before my flight to New Zealand. I paid the balance of my fares yesterday, which makes it all the more real and no going back – though I would never entertain the thought anyway. I have almost all of my gear, and now all need is a good camera and some new sunglasses and I am all set. Oh and some knee high rubber boots that fit shoes inside.

 My interview with the Mawson’s Hut Foundation went very well and all of us learned something about spinning yarn, ready to share with the world, from the ice of Antarctica.

 And I have spent part of today lining up another practice. Not the snow this time, although there is still snow up on the mountains here in Victoria. This will be different.

I am looking to be spinning yarn in a freezer!