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Spinning Yarn in Antarctica The Dream of a Lifetime

Spinning Yarn|SelbyfestThere are thousands of people worldwide who derive a great deal of joy from spinning yarn. The creative process is limited only by imagination. There is no restriction on age or gender when it comes to who takes part in this ancient craft of spinning yarn.

There are many kinds of fibre to spin, both protein and cellulose. Protein, or animal fibre, is more readily available and takes the least amount of preparation before spinning yarn. Sheep, Alpaca, Llama and even the hair from your pet dog or cat can be used for spinning yarn.

Cellulose fibres, such as cotton, hemp, ramie, tencel and cornsilk can also give a stisfying result from spinning yarn. All that is needed is a wheel and you can be spinning yarn in no time!

Mineral fibres such as steel wool and Carbon Fibre   (extruded burnt tar) are great to use for experimenting, probably not garments, though...

So, why would Marion want to be spinning yarn in Antrarctica? Well, it has always been a dream of Marion's to experience the beauty and wonder of this dangerous and cold part of the world. As someone who is continually spinning yarn and teaching others how to enjoy this relaxing craft, Marion did not want to leave her wheel behind when she went on her Antarctic Adventure.

Follow Marion's story of 
Spinning Yarn in Antarctica.

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